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I recently installed Ubuntu 14.04 from scratch and soon after decided to try out the Gnome 3 Shell, which I installed from the official repos.

However, it seems to conflict with Unity. Indeed, after logging back into Unity, I noticed that the desktop would no longer accept icons, nor would it match my chosen wallpaper correctly.

I seem to have fixed that by changing an option in dconf-editor, but I am not really sure what I did is right. I also have reverted to the correct Plymouth theme, which had been overriden -- still, Gnome's Plymouth theme has a higher priority. Finally, I completely removed gnome-shell and ubuntu-gnome-desktop, but some other issues remain.

It seems Gnome Shell overwrote Unity's defaults. One thing I noticed was the font -- instead of being the Ubuntu font, it had switched to Cantarell. I fixed that, but Cantarell is still marked as default.

How can I remove all of Gnome Shell remnants?

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