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I am using Asus X450LA and Ubuntu 14.04. I installed Ubuntu last day. But I am facing problem with touchpad. It is not working and pointer is not visible too. I am using a mouse. I searched google a lot and also in this group but nothing worked for me. How can I solve this problem???

Please help me...

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This question already has an answer.

Link Here The above link's solution worked for me.

I finally came to this bug report:

It seems FocalTech touchpad needs a specific driver, and that work is in progress to integrate it into the mainline kernel.

currently, there seem to be a ppa to get a dkms driver for this touchpad :

After trying this, I can confirm the following procedure works :

  1. add ppa

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hanipouspilot/focaltech-dkms
  2. update the packages database

    sudo apt-get update
  3. install the dkms driver

    sudo apt-get install focaltech-dkms
  4. reboot

The touchpad in now recognized. Two finger scrolling works, for example. Also, the zone where the buttons are won't make the cursor move.

Thanks for the community that retro-engineered this (Asus just replied "no linux support nor technical information" to a request ! Very bad point to them (see the aforementioned bug report)).

Credit goes to alci and heemayl

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I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 on an ASUS X302L and these instructions worked for me. – nedlud Feb 20 at 23:54

Actually it's a known bug: and a lot of users are afected. We have to wait until a patch will be released.

Here is the bug report...

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