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My system is a ASUS 1015E DS02 laptop running Ubuntu-12.04 LTS desktop with upgrades,updates current, the current kernel is linux 3.2.0-67 generic. It has a 19" Polaroid monitor/tv connected via SVGA cable and external keyboard and mouse (V7/Amazon Basic optical mouse).

When turned on after shutdown it fails to reboot, presenting the option to reboot with "current kernel or current kernel with recovery". I choose the latter option and follow through on the next screen, "resume" then click ok and after message "video may not work well finishing the reboot". It does recommend to reboot again after system up, if laptop/vga not on. The vga comes up ok, but the laptop does not. However today I closed the laptop and used the vga. when I reopened the laptop, it was as though it found/discovered the drivers for the laptop monitor and it came up.

I am more accustomed to FreeBSD,which I used previously, so this is trip back to days of Slackware and RedHat.The one thing I sorely miss is booting to a simple black and white terminal with the knowledge that the system is up and running then launch X-window.

This behaviour may more or less be involved with the update/upgrade to the current kernel, since these issues appeared to crop up after that event. I did unsuccessfully attempt to reboot the previous kernel with recovery.

Open for any suggestions to learn what to do to correct this issue. BTW this is my only remaining computer, so like to not fiddle too much.

Overall I am very pleased with ubuntu, which I chose to avoid the complications involved in setting up and running servers.

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