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I installed all the necessary packages for the networkmanager-openvpn function to function. The openvpn-connection-setting are successfully imported into the networkmanger via the conf file but the apply button is grayed out, so that actually saving and using the connection isn't possible? Does anyone know, where the problem is? It's a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10 after the upgrade from 10.04 sent the networkmanger down the drain.

I was told the following:

Sounds like a policy issue.

read this thread:


look carefully in the file mentioned, at the element. What is there ? "No" will cause the action detailed to be unavailable. Ideally "yes" or "auth_admin_keep" should be there. They will either allow all access, or prompt for a admin password.

The above does not seem to work for me - It still has a gray apply button. If I choose a file for User certificate as well as CA Certificate "which is all openvpn supplies and needs" and a key file it will allow me to click apply - but obviously wont connect. :l

I am at a lost end.

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