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After upgrading from Ubuntu 10.10 to Ubuntu 11.04, my MacBook Pro's touchpad stopped working.

It works fine on the login screen, but after logging in it stops working.

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(Answering my own question, in the hope that it saves someone else a bit of head scratching).

After the upgrade, your Gnome desktop configuration may have gone awry. There are a few settings which enable or disable the touchpad in certain contexts which may need tweaking to get the touchpad working again. Here's how I got mine working again:

  • Hit Alt-F2, and run 'gconf-editor'
  • Navigate to desktop->gnome->peripherals
  • Ensure that peripherals->touchpad:touchpad is enabled.
  • Ensure that peripherals->bcm5974:disable_while_other_device_exists is disabled. 'bcm5974' is probably specific to my MacBook Pro's hardware, so you may need to search around for variable disable_while_other_device_exists under the entries listed under peripherals.


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I have a similar problem, but it's not upgrade related. The trackpad just stops working and the only solution is to restart. – Cerin Dec 31 '13 at 3:05

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