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I decided to install ubuntu 12.04 on two XP desktops and came to a problem, since I know just enough about linux. We have a network printer Canon iR2270 accessed over SmallBusinessServer 2011. The printer has a resttricted access Policy and computers not in domain have to use Department ID and Password to print. Now, in W7 and WXP I just add both in the Printer Preferences under the Security Tab -> Password. But when I install the printer in ubuntu, be it as Add printer in Printers or over CUPS, I get no Tab where I could enter the Dept. ID & Pass.

I did search the net and came over this solution Network printer not providing prompt for ID and Password. My questions: - how do I install a printer using downloaded installation package; - do I use .rpm or .deb files; - the article mentions editing PPD file, how can I do that, if I'll need to do it?

Thanks Alen

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