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I'm looking into using the Wordpress JuJu charm but am blocked right from the get go because the link they give http://github.com/jujutools/wordpress-site for what a wordpress site should look like doesn't exist.

Does anybody know what the new repo is? I've tried searching at github and on the juju site without any luck.

The setting in the charm that I'm referring to is:

wp-content (string)
This is a full repository path to where the WordPress wp-contents can be found. At this time Git, BZR, SVN, and HG are supported. An example of what a wp-content repository should look like can be found at http://github.com/jujutools/wordpress-site.

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There's an example repository here: github.com/marcoceppi/wordpress-demo I'm not sure who changed the example URL, but as the maintainer of the charm it wasn't me –  Marco Ceppi Jul 31 at 14:59

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What it means is that the content you want as YOUR wp-content needs to be able to be found in a publicly accessible repository and this configuration field needs to have the full path to that. The url in question is only an example value.

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