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It's almost random, but most of the time, if I swipe from right to left on the touchpad of my keyboard, it opens the photo search. I have not been able to locate any setting/tweak that explains this or would disable it.

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I couldn't find an answer for this question, and there seems to be nothing similar that could explain how to disable this. – Jacques MALAPRADE Sep 26 '15 at 10:34

I am guessing this was a problem with a k400 or k400r wireless keyboard (or some other logitech equivalent). If so I finally found and answer

Fn + Right Click -> Enables/Disables Gestures. Fn + Left Click -> Enables/Disables Tap to click.

Sorry for digging up such an old thread, but I have hit this question on AskUbuntu many times while trying to solve this problem over the years, so thought I would at east record the answer for myself.

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