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The whole day I struggled hard for a presentation of a video that I need it for tomorrow. When I am trying to export that project to AVI format, its throwing me an error message stating:

During export with an external codec, an error has occured. Please check and adjust the export settings...

How can I overcome this?

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The Magix software doesn't work on Linux. Did you install it in Wine or do you mean a different application? – mw88 Oct 8 '10 at 17:29

I'm not familiar with Magix system, but if this project is able to output successfully into ANY video format, then your best bet is to export the video, then transfer with ffmpeg.

There is a free GUI utility for ffmpeg called winff , available from the default ubuntu repositories.

sudo aptitude install winff

alt text

It's easy,(for a video conversion application) ... and it does the conversion really well from almost any format to almost any other.

Screenshots from winff:

alt text

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