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I'm trying to get clonezilla to run off of a usb stick, and it seems that the right way to do that is via tuxboot.

Tuxboot is not compilable on ubuntu. I used git to get it from the repository, and then when I run the 'install' script (because building it is apparently not allowed, since the build script just tries to install windows things). Qmake-linux wants my qmake executable to be in the same directory as the stuff I pulled down, and let's just say that if there's a way to do this easily, I ain't seein' it.

So then I download the linux file, the most recent of which is tuxboot-linux-25. Try to run it, get a failure that isn't found. OK, then I go to install that via the instructions I found on the web but firefox seems to have already deleted from my history (yay!)

Then I add the /usr/local/lib directory to ldconfig via emacs (had to install that too, of course):

I still get the errors that cannot be opened because 'No such file or directory'. ldconfig -p | grep libpng shows that the library is there, but it still doesn't seem to be findable. What to do next?

(for the record, doing this in windows is painless-- download, click, and it's done. But I'm trying to be all linuxy and get away from Windows for this...)

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I just downloaded tuxboot myself and had no problem to get it running in Ubuntu 10.04. You do not need to build it from source, you can download the *.bin file from the homepage.

After that, open a terminal and navigate to the folder where tuxboot is, in my case this was ~/Downloads. Execute it with:

sudo chmod +x tuxboot-linux-25-64bit

Replace tuxboot-linux-25-64bit with the appropriate file name in case of different version (like 32-bit). After that run it with:

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Yeah. The problem there is that the isn't found in 11.10. Could this be a difference in the Ubuntu versions? I'm not building tuxboot from source, I'm building libpng from source. – mmr Jun 27 '11 at 13:38
Could be a version thing, sure. I literally just did what I wrote in my answer and it worked. I misunderstood, however, and thought you are not using the pre-build package – Martin H Jun 27 '11 at 14:31

You can easily install tuxboot from the ppa:thomas.tsai/ubuntu-tuxboot PPA. Thus you don't need to compile it or to use the pre-compiled binaries from the project website.

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