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I just bought a new MacBook Pro and have decided to triple boot my old HP G62 (~4 years old) with Mavericks, Ubuntu, and Windows 8. My HP was previously running Windows 7, but in the process of trying to boot Ubuntu onto it, I deleted Windows 7 and now the computer is only running Ubuntu.

I'm not ultimately concerned about Windows 7 being gone forever, but I want to know how I should go about triple booting this computer. Should I start by booting Windows or OS X first? And how can I make a USB boot stick for either of these?

I would like to find a way to do this without using my MacBook and just using my HP as I don't want to download anything to my new computer that might contain a virus.

Note: I know I most likely will have to partition my hard drive for this, but when I look in GParted, it says that my /dev/sda5 is nearly full when I know this is not the case as I completely cleared the hard drive before installing Ubuntu. I am not able to create an unallocated partition larger than 4 MiB, and I am unable to deactivate /dev/sda5, which is listed as "lvm2 pv" file type and "ubuntu-vg" mount point.

Did I not install Ubuntu correctly? I believe my /dev/sda1 is where Ubuntu is installed because the file system is "ext2" and the mount point is "/boot".

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It is illegal to install OS X on a HP laptop, and since you have already installed Ubuntu successfully, I do not think there is much advice to give here, other than to use gparted to create the partitions. /dev/sda5 is only one partition, not the whole hard drive, so it does not really matter if it is nearly full as you will be installing the other operating systems to the other partitions that you created. –  bain Jul 25 '14 at 21:32
Welcome to AskUbuntu! You will probably have problems with OS X on anything but an Apple Machine. This is due to legality, as well as specs required to run OS X. OS X is not run using BIOS, or UEFI. It uses EFI, so you would have to do a work around for that. Any USB you would make for that computer would not be legal, and there would be issues and MANY work-arounds needed. The legal way to do this is to run everything from your MacBook. Any illegal way to do this cannot be described on this site. –  No Time Jul 25 '14 at 21:57

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