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I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on an Asus eee pc 1001px Netbook over Windows XP, but now I really need to get back to a native bootable Windows XP.

I have the Windows installation CD but the machine won't let me boot from anything other than the hard drive (despite fiddling with BIOS boot order, it will not boot from an SD card or external DVD player).

I can still see the factory Windows XP recovery partition on the hard drive, but the machine boots direct into Ubuntu without offering any other options.

My two questions are:

  1. Could installing Ubuntu have done something to the BIOS boot options? if so, how do I undo that so I can boot from an external device?

  2. Given I can only boot from the hard drive, how can I get it to offer me the option to boot into Windows XP recovery?

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1. No. 2. Seems a hardware/BIOS problem to me and not related to Ubuntu. 3. "the machine won't let me boot from anything other than the hard drive". That we can not help you with. Ubuntu will not have any tool to make it boot from anything else than the BIOS is offering. 4. "I can still see the factory Windows XP recovery partition on the hard drive" Maybe your machine has a key combo to start from the recovery (check your manual ;) ) – Rinzwind Jul 24 '14 at 10:01

Regarding point 2:

Ubuntu installs GRUB, a bootloader that runs right after the system's BIOS that will normally list the options to select what OS you're going to be booting. In your case, it probably only detected the one OS (Ubuntu), so it displays just an icon for a second or so before booting into Ubuntu right away.

If you hold shift right between where the BIOS boots and Ubuntu boots, GRUB should show up. (if it doesn't, troubleshoot here.) It may look sort of like this, but with different options of course.


There will probably be a "Windows" option, or a "Windows recovery" option, or however Ubuntu detected your recovery partition. You should be able to safely select the option and run the recovery partition that way.

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