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I'm using ubuntu with more than the default 4 workspaces. The workspace indicator icon in the left sidebar only shows 4 workspaces. So i can't see in which workspace I'm currently are.

Is there a plugin or something that can show i.e. all 8 configured workspaces with the current workspace highlighted?

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I found a workspace indicator for ubuntu on github. It should work for all kind of workspace compositions.

ubuntu works

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I looked at that indicator and it appears to use Java. IMHO invoking a JVM just for an indicator is a little top heavy! – Bernmeister Aug 5 '14 at 14:07
Yes, you need a JVM. I also think something like a python script is more suitable for an indicator. But this is all i found. – Max K. Aug 6 '14 at 7:25
I took a quick look at the code. It's quite simple to determine how many workspaces are active and also to switch between them - all uses wmctrl. The hard part is making the indicator interface display it nicely/simply. I went overboard and set up 4 x 4 and the indicator "icon" is just too some other way would be needed for the presentation part beyond say two rows. Left as an exercise to the reader ;-) – Bernmeister Aug 6 '14 at 10:31

Would an indicator suffice, rather than an icon in the launcher (left sidebar)? Try indicator-workspaces here.

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You can change the number of workspaces in the default workspace indicator, using simple cli commands:

gsettings set org.compiz.core:/org/compiz/profiles/unity/plugins/core/ vsize 3

gsettings set org.compiz.core:/org/compiz/profiles/unity/plugins/core/ hsize 3
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It doesn't work on 14.04. However, it refers to workspace numbers not the indicator. – AliNa Jan 2 '15 at 9:53

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