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I managed to setup gitosis on Ubuntu, authorization done using SSH keys. Now I want to make some folders on this Ubuntu server Git Initialized and available thrue gitosis. For example /var/www/x1 folder. It is web page I'm working on, and would like to see changes made available public (this is /var/www example for .. or simbolic link).

Gitosis created his folder structure in /srv/gitosis/repositories/. I expected to see files which I commited/pushed on server in this folder, but there is only some weird file structure made.

I hope someone understood what i was trying to ask. Hoping for some quick and easy fix.

Thank you.

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What you're probably seeing is a bare repository. A regular repository is a working directory with a .git folder that contains all the tracking information. Bare repositories however are designed for servers that you only want to push and pull from, they're just a folder containing what would normally be in the .git folder.

Try manually creating a git repo with a simple git init and see if Gitosis will work with that.

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