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I am using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. For couple of week I noticed in Update manager that it is showing "New Hardware support is Available". After clicking it showed following message,

"Your current Hardware Enablement Stack (HWE) is going out of support on 2014-08-07. After this date security updates for critical parts (kernel and graphics stack) of your system will no longer be available."

So I clicked Upgrade. But it didn't, rather showed me the following message,

Package dependencies cannot be resolved

This error could be caused by required additional software packages which are missing or not installable. Furthermore there could be a conflict between software packages which are not allowed to be installed at the same time."

I'm not an expert on using ubuntu, so it will be great, if anyone could tell me what to do. Should I get the upgrades, if yes, how, in this circumstance.

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Your issue is probably this one - please have a look and confirm. askubuntu.com/questions/493541/… –  fossfreedom Jul 21 '14 at 8:37

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