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I have uninstalled wubi on my laptop, the problem is, my Hard Disk space wasn't restored. It went from 500gb to 250gb when I installed wubi, but when I uninstalled wubi/ubuntu, my hard disk space is still 250gb. So how do I recover the partition that I alloted upon installation of wubi?

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you want all data ? –  Creator Jul 20 at 8:35
Just the space, I've already back-up my data that I used when I still needed ubuntu. –  Carl Q Tablante Jul 20 at 8:39
recover it from win 7 or using gparted –  Creator Jul 20 at 8:40

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Wubi does not create an actual partition, it installs into a file on your pre-existing partition. Look for it in c:\ubuntu\disks\root.disk (assuming you installed it on drive c).

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If that's the case, how could I recover the HD space that was lost when wubi was installed? –  Carl Q Tablante Jul 20 at 10:42
You need to delete the files under c:\ubuntu\disks. –  kraxor Jul 21 at 3:00

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