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I have Natty installed.

How to allow shutdown/restart if another user is logged in another terminal, for example using CTRL-ALT-F1?

I've tried to add the following lines in /etc/sudoers:

user ALL=(root)NOPASSWD:/sbin/reboot
user ALL=(root)NOPASSWD:/sbin/halt
user ALL=(root)NOPASSWD:/sbin/shutdown


sudo chmod 750 /sbin/shutdown
sudo chmod 750 /sbin/reboot


create /etc/shutdown.allow

but it doesn't help and I still get Gnome login mask.

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alt+control+del does not reboot the computer in linux. the behavior your are seeing is normal. check this link it provides information on how to change the behavior of alt+control+del

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This keyboard shortcut does lead to a message that let's you choose to shutdown or logout in a normal installation. I does not lead to gdm. So it's not a normal behaviour! –  Takkat Jun 22 '11 at 6:49

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