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So I have been using Ubuntu 12.04 as my only OS for the last six months and so far I have to tell is pretty good, easy to use, I like the interface and how it's so intuitive and very smooth and one of the things I enjoy the most are the Music Player and the Documents Reader wich are very easy to use and have a nice interface. However as a former programmer (I like to do it mostly as a hobby on C++/OpenGL/SDL/C#/Python) I think something is likely to be not quite right, for example when I create a cube on OpenGL (which is a pretty basic procedure) everything just slows down, and the first thing that comes to my mind is the possibility that the Graphic Card drivers might not be installed or correctly configured given this situation I proceed to download and install the corresponding drivers. But... everytime I try everything gets messed up, before it everything is fine. Ubuntu just runs perfectly in every sense except for that small detail so I'm wondering: what can I do, I have been reading several tutorials on the subject and after messing things up reinstalling Ubuntu but nothing seem to work, I have also been thinking of installing Ubuntu Studio but IDK. Any sugestions?

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