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I have a workstation that was given to me that is a friggen powerhouse, so I figured I would set it up as my development and demo server. This is my first experience installing Ubuntu onto a RAID array and so far it has not been a fun one. I have been following the Advanced Installation guide for installing Ubuntu 10.04 server, and it says that there will be an option on the Partition Disks screen to manually create the partitions, but the only options I have are:

  • Configure iSCSI volumes
  • Undo changes to partitions
  • Finish partitioning and write changes to disk

Just before I got to that screen I got a message that said:

One or more drives containing Serial ATA RAID configurations have been found. Do you wish to activate these RAID devices?

It doesn't matter whether I answer yes or no to that, I still get the same Partition Disks screen. When I try to select Finish partitioning and write changes to disk I just get the No root file system error.

Has anyone else experienced this, and how do I get past it? Can I not run Ubuntu on this machine?

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You have a fakeraid, not hardware raid. See for more information. I suggest that you go into the bios utility and delete the raid array, then follow the instructions to setup an mdadm linux software raid.

This basically involves creating a raid partition on each disk, then creating the raid array built from those partitions, then using that array for your root filesystem.

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