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I have a MAAS cluster controller with two NIC (eth0 - - connected to public network and p1p1 - - used for private MAAS nodes). I use 5 physical machines HP compaq 6000 Pro. When I turn on one of these machines, it correctly does PXE boot from the MAAS cluster controller and in the MAAS console it is shown as "declared". There is a warning icon next to the hostname with error:

This node does not have a power type set and MAAS will be unable to control it. Click 'Edit node' and set one.

Also, it shows 0 CPU, Memory and disk space.

When, I update the power type to "Wake-on-LAN" with the correct MAC and save, I'm not able to commission the node. It does not turn on the machine and hangs on the "commissioning" status. I checked time is correctly set on the node (check in BIOS).

The WOL with the node works just fine, i.e., I can turn it on using:

wakeonlan -i 00:23:24:0e:0d:e7

from the MAAS cluster controller. I have to specify the -i since the default does not do anything.

If I turn it on manually (e.g. using wakeonlan) it eventually goes into ready state and correctly detects CPU, Memory and disk space. Again, if I try to start the, it wont do anything, but if I power it on manually, it works just fine.


It seems that the problem is related to having two NICs - the magic packet is only sent over the eth1 (even though the cluster is correctly configured indicating p1p1 as the managed interface) which is incorrect (sudo tcpdump -i eth1 port 9 -vvvv -s0 -n). Submitted a bug

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There is a solution. The actual command used by MAAS to wakeonlan the machines is specified in a template file.

You just have to edit this template file:

sudo vim /etc/maas/templates/power/ether_wake.template

There will be a line with:

/usr/bin/wakeonlan $mac_address

Just change it to include the broadcast address of the network as you did in your command:

/usr/bin/wakeonlan -i $mac_address
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This is indeed what I did. – fikovnik Oct 16 '15 at 17:34
Did you find that out too? There is no documentation about it, I had to read the MAAS code to figure this out. Even though more than one year has passed, I thought it would be good to post the answer as it may help other people. – Hugo Sadok Oct 16 '15 at 17:39
@HugoSadok , now there is a new problem, in 16.04 several files are moved or not even there anymore. For example WOL is not even an option anymore in MAAS 16.04. Any ideas? – user3892683 May 29 at 21:11
@user3892683, didn't use 16.04 yet. But I gave up on MAAS... I was solving problem after problem and simply not using the exactly same architecture as proposed caused too much pain. Hope you find a solution. – Hugo Sadok May 29 at 22:02
@HugoSadok Out of curiosity what are u using now? I am trying to get openstack to work, but MAAS is giving me a really hard time – user3892683 May 30 at 5:42

It is not related to two NICs on Ubuntu 14.04! Using one NIC on MAAS cluster controller below!

It works from MAAS cluster controller with wakeonlan the node!

user@host:~$ wakeonlan 00:0b:db:78:07:33 
Sending magic packet to with 00:0b:db:78:07:33

But not with juju bootstrap and the node in Ready status on MAAS!

user@host:~$ juju bootstrap
WARNING ignoring environments.yaml: using bootstrap config in file "/home/ron/.juju/environments/maas.jenv"
Launching instance
WARNING picked arbitrary tools &{"1.18.4-trusty-amd64" "http:    //" "992e4244874ffec4af083cdeb58040420320f63ac6a3f7526c81d963fa4e53d6" %!q(int64=7389403)}
 - /MAAS/api/1.0/nodes/node-995e00b4-1fe9-11e4-a6a3-00137273b6ca/
Waiting for address
Attempting to connect to eej3n.maas:22
Attempting to connect to
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I don't get the answer, can you please elaborate more? – fikovnik Sep 1 '14 at 9:22

I had the same issue!

You simply must set the MAC Address using UPPERCASE, so instead of e4:1f:13:2d:8b:28 it must be E4:1F:13:2D:8B:28

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So you are saying that wakeonlan e4:1f:13:2d:8b:28 does nothing and wakeonlan E4:1F:13:2D:8B:28 works? – fikovnik Jan 15 '15 at 20:33

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