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I'm fairly new to Linux and I've been following some guides to get a web server up and running. So far all is well with the web server and accessing it from the net.

I've installed Shorewall firewall and as soon as I turn it on. Everything is blocked. There is a few people who have had a similar issue and they was told to try the following...

in /etc/shorewall/rules

add (notice that the gaps are TABs not spaces) ACCEPT net $FW tcp 80 ACCEPT net $FW tcp 22

And also the try this...


Both the above have been tried at the very end of the "rules" file. The version I installed using apt-get seems to be newer as it's missing some of the text referenced to... like in the "rules" file there is no text stating "#LAST LINE".

So I added each of the above (two at a time as shown above) and restarted the firewall and even the whole machine.

But it still blocks port 80,443 and 22.

I used the example files "one-interface" and copied them over to /etc/shorewall/. I also edited "interfaces" as that was set to eth0 and I'm using eth1 (net eth1).

Any help appreciated... thanks :)

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