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This is the third time I've gotten this fatality when attempting to install the server distros. The Fatal Error comes at around 50% through the GRUB installation. The popup window doesn't tell me what happened to cause the crash, and I can finish the install without a bootloader, but now I've got a 130GB partition on my server that I need to have up and running with no usable operating system on it. I've looked at people with similar problems, but with no definitive answers to my problem. I'm relatively new to the command line section of Linux so don't assume knowledge when presenting fixes. Right now I'm attempting to do a complete install on a Dell Optiplex 980 with BIOS version A04. I can only boot into my flash-drive which has the installer on it, and I've failed all attempts to rescue the system from there. From what I understand, LILO is a possibility, but it's obsolete and not recommended. Is there a way to manually install GRUB or something? I'm willing to give any more information about my box should the need arise.

UPDATE: Problem is GRUB is attempting to install on dev/sda and I need it on dev/sdb.

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Did you get a resolution on this? I am having the same problem. –  user325512 Sep 10 '14 at 13:32
No. I think I just went and installed Fedora 20 server instead. –  skeeter_mcbee Feb 26 at 19:13

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