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I've installed win 7 and ubuntu 11.04. After a storm killed the power. I'm unable to boot.

I'm stuck in the busybox shell (ash).

Here's what happens when I boot:

  • Bios loads
  • Grub displays option to load:
    • ubuntu
    • ubuntu recovery
    • memtest
    • another memtest option
    • win7
    • win 7 recovery
  • I load Ubuntu
    • This cause it to load and i see no normal ubuntu screen just the busybox shell
    • I try loading ubuntu via fsck -l and it returns me a /bin/sh not found error.
  • I load Windows 7 and I'm unable to boot. I get a blue screen of death
  • I then load Ubuntu recovery and i don't have any luck either.

Any ideas where to go from here?

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The fact that you cannot boot both windows 7 and ubuntu doesnt sound promising - maybe you've lost part or all of your partition information on your hard-drive or at a minimum, your master boot record has become corrupted.

Try booting via a USB or live CD - using gparted, do you see all your partitions?

Using nautilus (file manager) - can you mount your hard-drive and see your files?

suggestion 1

If everything appears to look ok - suggest reinstalling your grub using this AU answer

suggestion 2 If your partitions look ok, try running a fsck on each of the ext partitions displayed in gparted as per this AU answer

suggestion 3 If your partitions look a little screwy or non-existent then try a disk recovery procedure as per this AU answer

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I ended up reformatting and reinstalling win 7 and ubuntu. I couldn't restore it. I even tried the systemrescuecd ( for linux distro's. I'll give you this answer nonetheless. They're good suggestions! Thanks. – chrisjlee Jun 22 '11 at 1:57

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