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I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 on a Lenovo IdeaPad S205. When I resume from suspend-to-RAM, fan goes on but screen stays off. The computer does not respond to anything except a hard shutdown (press and hold the power button). I have done some debugging, but I don't know what conclusion to draw. Any ideas based on the results below?

Some debug sources I found:

Tests and results

All commands are entered as root (sudo -i).



# echo mem > /sys/power/state; dmesg > dmesg_after


Like usual, black on resume. Importantly, no dmesg_after file is created.



# echo freezer > /sys/power/pm_test
# echo mem > /sys/power/state

Repeat above and subsitute freezer with devices, platform, processors and core.


Resumes fine.

Without X


  1. At boot, press ESC to enter GRUB menu
  2. Edit first entry, edit kernel ... line, append rw init=/bin/bash, and boot
  3. In the shell, repeat pm_test procedures


Same as with X. With freezer, devices, platform, processors or core in /sys/power/pm_test, resume works fine. Otherwise, resume gives black screen of death. No dmesg_after file is created.

Latest kernel


  1. Install latest kernel according to the Kernel/MainlineBuilds Ubuntu Wiki page (3.16.0-031600rc5)
  2. Reboot with new kernel, with or without X
  3. Repeat the "dmesg_after" test


Same as with current stable kernel (3.13.0-32-generic).

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It seems there is also no BIOS upgrade available from Lenovo: the Downloads page lists a single "BIOS update", which is apparently the version I already have (according to sudo dmidecode | grep -A3 'BIOS Information'). –  Arild Jul 23 '14 at 21:25