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I have been trying to install Ubuntu for some time but it won't boot at all. I followed the instructions on the Ubuntu website to make a bootable USB drive (I used Pen-Drive-Linux ). Then I changed the boot order (the BIOS sees the USB) but it fails to boot from it. I even tried unplugging my hard drive and it still doesn't see it.

I have an ASRock 960GC-GS motherboard. Windows can see the files just fine but it wont boot. Thanks for any help.

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Welcome to Ask Ubuntu! You may wish to search for this answer, as it is very common. Look through this list – No Time Jul 16 '14 at 20:18

Try to use Unetbootin ( to burn ISO to USB Flash Disk. You can see the example tutorial in here (Windows) and here (Ubuntu). The Google keyword is unetbootin bootable ubuntu. I always successfully burn Ubuntu (even Hiren's Boot CD) by using Unetbootin.

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