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I tried for several hours to make my Macbook Pro's trackpad feel "right" in ubuntu. I tried a number of synclient settings recommended by various blog articles and forum posts, and also tried playing with settings myself.

The issues mainly seem to stem from strange behavior when multiple touches are detected. While attempting to drag & drop (using thumb to hold down 'click' and index finger to drag), the cursor will often become unresponsive. Also if a portion of my palm happens to touch the bottom-right corner of the trackpad at any time while my thumb is already resting at the bottom, the cursor will become unresponsive.

There are other instances of cursor issues for which I'm having trouble creating a list of steps to reproduce, but the issues are frequent enough to be a major annoyance.

Attempting to change my behavior to use the trackpad in a way that doesn't cause cursor issues feels unnatural and results in hand fatigue within about 30 minutes.

Does anyone have any firsthand experience on making the trackpad feel like it does in OS X?

I'm attempting to return to desktop Linux after an 8 year absence, and the experience is frustrating so far.

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The question has been answered here. Give it a shot.

Having the right feel is very subjective of course. But with those settings palm resting (thumb / palm detection works)

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