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I read up on the Ubuntu for Android thing and I'm confused, Specifically on these topics:

  • When you're away from your home computer what OS does your phone use?

  • Is the OS literally only for when you connect the phone to the PC?

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The phone will always be running Android as its base OS. When you dock it (the dock being plugged to a large screen, a keyboard and a mouse) the phone fires up a X session running Unity. When you remove the phone from the dock the X session closes and you are back to the Android touch interface.

Although this has not been discussed in the various videos released, there is no reference to a special behaviour when connecting the phone to a PC. Thus I would expect it to behave as usual, and simply mount the phone SD through MTP.

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Thank you! you have cleared up my confusion! :) –  user305747 Jul 15 '14 at 13:38

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