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I have a problem with this webcam (ID - 046d:0892, driver gspca) on Acer Travelmate 8200 with Ubuntu 14.04.

When using cheese or skype with preloaded v4l1compat.so library, it has bad image - it has lot of horizontal lines and my face is tripled on screen. But when I use guvcview to view camera stream and I choose one particular (YVYU) pixel format, it looks perfect. I tried to set or force this pixel format somehow for applications like cheese or skype, but without success. I also tried to change it using gstreamer-properties in Video tab using a lot of variations of custom pipe string (v4l2src device=/dev/video0 ! video/x-raw,format=YVYU and so on), but none of these worked - it tells me either invalid syntax or previewed image is still garbage.

Do anyone have some idea how to solve this please?

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