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The title says it all. I usually have a console window on my Desktop 1; I would like to be able to launch from there any application specifying on which Desktop the application window should appear. For example, from my console window on Desktop 1. I would like to launch thunderbird in such a way that its window opens on Desktop 2. Is this possible? (I'm running kubuntu 9.04)

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Do you mean you have two monitors and want to launch to the second one, or you have two workspaces(virtual desktops) and would like to launch to the other one? – Dirk Hartzer Waldeck Jun 21 '11 at 12:11
I have a single monitor, and I would like to launch on any of my four workspaces (virtual desktops) – MarcoS Jun 21 '11 at 12:56
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Here are a few options.

Devil's Pie

Here's an old tutorial.


You can make a script to move to the desired workspace and then launch your app (source):

wmctrl -s 1
firefox --new-tab $@ &

Or you could launch your app and then move it. I think something like this would work:

thunderbird &
wmctrl -r :ACTIVE: -t 1
# if thunderbird takes a while to launch, you may need to find the window yourself:
#wmctrl -r `wmctrl -l | grep [t]hunderbird | cut -f1` -t 1

Compiz Place plugin

You can enable and configure this if you install compizconfig-settings-manager Install compizconfig-settings-manager.

Allows you to set fixed positions for windows with specific titles.

FYI, previously I used wmctrl in Gnome. Some of its features don't work for me in 11.04 w/ Unity, but should be good in 9.04. Not sure about KDE though.

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I am now using xmonad: I can easily move windows to any screen/desktop using keyboard.

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