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I am attempting to install Ubuntu on my primary desktop (a former gaming PC) which is equipped with a SapphireTech HD6870 (AMD). As soon as I boot into the installation process or when I simply boot into the Live CD mode (installing it from a USB stick), my GPU fan will spin up to 100%.

When I simply hard reboot the PC, the fan spins right down so it does not really seem to be a temperature issue, further confirmed by the fact the fan behaves just fine when booted into Windows. The temperature of the GPU is also as it has always been, so it is not a dust build-up issue.

Is there any way I can avoid having the fan spin up to 100% while installing? I have no guarantee it will start behaving normally after installation and I'd rather avoid wasting the installation by having an unuseable situation (100% on a SapphireTech HD6870 is quite loud).

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