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I want to backup everything on my system, however there are some issues.

  • There are broken system binaries, so disk imaging is not a good solution
  • Copying everything but the /bin, /sbin, /usr/bin, ect. will not work because I installed extras from apt thus not restorable on a fresh install without installing them first

Is there a one-step command line solution that can be done over ssh to backup/restore everything except core system binaries such as su and bash? It has to backup users, configs, databases, ect. Right now I am copying /etc, /home, /root, /opt, among others to tar them for backup and copy them back with cp -d -f --no-preserve=mode,ownership,timestamps for restoring it

Sorry if there is a duplicate somewhere. I could not think of a one liner search. My Google Fu is not very good :-P

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