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As the text seems blurry I'd like to disable antialiasing in gedit.

I don't see anything related in the program's Preferences.

The problem appeared after upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04:

enter image description here

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Easy solution, do:

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

then open tweak tool, go to Fonts and there you can select what kind of antialiasing you want to use.

PS. This will change antialiasing for the entire system, not just gedit.

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Thanks, but the only blurry text is in gedit - while the background is white (Ubuntu / Ubuntu Mono font). This seems as gedit is treated differently. –  Esamo Jul 14 at 13:18
Can you post a screenshot? –  mmm3743 Jul 14 at 20:06
There it is: img842.imageshack.us/img842/7538/rjsw.png . Notice that line indexes are not blurry, but the colored text is. –  Esamo Jul 14 at 20:51
Try setting antialigning to grayscale, and go to gedit Preference and set it to use system fonts, I don't think it will fix it, but it will make the fonts look better. Also, compleatlly unrelated, try Aptana Studio for web programming –  mmm3743 Jul 15 at 14:28
System font is Ubuntu Mono 13, mine is 11. Bigger blurry text is not exactly what I need :) . Greyscale antialiasing looks different - better in gedit, but worse everywhere else, mainly web browser. –  Esamo Jul 15 at 22:39

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