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I have installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on my windows 8 laptop yesterday. But now the problem is that my internet is working toooooooo,..... slow normally on my windows 8 I get around 300+ Kbps speed on downloading. But now on ubuntu I am getting only 10-20kbps and max 30kbps I dont know why this happening? And secondly I have downloaded a file called xdman. An alternate of IDM I guess but now how to install it via terminal A suggestion would be appreciated. I have tried to open it via Ubuntu Support but its not opening der. Or suggest me a good download manager please.


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Download managers are really unnecessary and have only little to do with download speed. Maybe it is the source server you are downloading from? How are you connecting to the internet, via wireless, or directly a router? –  noleti Jul 14 at 13:49
I am connecting via wifi. But this problem is with Ubuntu only because when I am booting to windows it is just working flawlessly. But when I am trying to download same file from same server on ubuntu I am getting only 20-25kbps speed. And sometyms even in bytes :|. So, this is basically problem with ubuntu den. And secondly about Download manager actually on firefox all links appearing to download very slow thats why needed a download manager. –  Aditya Jaiswal Jul 16 at 12:20
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