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Since upgrading to 11.04, when I use WebEx in either Chrome OR Firefox, and select "Share Application" I can click on applications running on my desktop, but they aren't shared. No errors are displayed. This worked fine before I upgraded. I can "Share Desktop" okay, but I'd rather have "Share Application" working.

Possibly related: Pandora loads maybe 60%, then stalls out. (But we're talking Java vs Flash, I think ...)

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Have the same problem repeated on several PCs in the office. Almost regretting that we upgraded to 11.04. Seems to be related to Java/Compiz/Unity. The worst thing is that even if I login into Ubuntu Classic (no effects), Webex is still unusable for us as we like to use share screen with our clients and remotely control their PCs. When a remote PC starts sharing screen you can see your Ubuntu screen flicker but it does not open the window with remote screen. Works perfectly on Ubuntu 10.10, even Puppy Linux. – user21058 Jul 3 '11 at 20:41
I ran into this same issue today on 11.04 and WebEx. I don't see that there was any resolution or answer provided. What is the latest on this problem? -M – user22468 Jul 29 '11 at 20:28

WebEx requires Java not the Icedtea version that comes as default with Natty.

Try the following:


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If you are using AT&T Webex, let me give you the bad news, it does not support Ubuntu. I have spoken to AT&T engineers, they have told me that RHEL 4 & 5 are supported but not Ubuntu. They have no plans to introduce the support anytime soon. I have tried for the whole of this year to get it working. No luck!!

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