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Just noticed a weird behavior of Google Desktop shortcut Ctrl + Ctrl. This shortcut is supposed to bring Google Desktop search bar to the front.

  1. If Ctrl + Ctrl is pressed the search bar appears, but once you release one of the Ctrl keys it will disappear.
  2. If you hold one Ctrl key, and press the other twice the search bar will toggle it's state.

Do you have any idea how this can be fixed and what can be causing this behaviour?

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Try setting the shortcut to something like left ctrl + right alt, and tell us what happens then. maybe. – Daniel Jun 28 '11 at 15:04

I remember that there was always unstable results when I used Google Desktop in 10.04 and 10.10 with Ctrl+Ctrl. And I've never left the shortcut key for Google Desktop with its default.

Ctrl+Ctrl is unpractical any way.

So I always change the shortcut key to something else and Google Desktop works fine. Use Ctrl+G for example.

You can change it in the preference:

enter image description here

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