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Could you please recommend a decent USB condenser mic that works fine in Ubuntu? Im looking for something of quality without breaking the bank either. Hopefully a mic under $150. Would you happen to know of any mics in this price range? I guess USB is not absolutely a necessity unless there might be some added benefits for having USB.

Thanks Much!

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If you can't find a microphone that works under Ubuntu you can buy an xlr-to-usb adapter such as the M-Audio Fast Track for about $150 that provides plug-in power for any condenser microphone. This product also provides a direct monitoring facility, the lack of which can undermine your efforts with a regular usb microphone.

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I expect most devices should work using usb class drivers. Unless the device uses USB2 for some reason (it will probably have that printed on the box - but there shouldn't be a neeed for a single channel device) I would expect it to work out of the box.

I use MXL microphones (+ firewire soundcard in my case) and have found them to be pretty descent for the price. They have some USB models that will fit in your budget.

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