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I'm getting really horrible results when trying to play back audio from my computer to my new Motorola S305 headphones. I currently have a knock-off USB Bluetooth adapter which isn't exactly the best quality in the world. Should I get a new adapter, and if so, which one should I invest in which works well with Ubuntu? I'd also like it to have Bluetooth 3.0, has this been implemented yet?

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A €9.00 adapter that I use all the time with my Belkin Bluetooth receiver. So I'm able to send a sound stream to my speakers. Works great really, I never had a disconnect or any sound-loss.

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I currently have 11.10 on my Thinkpad E420, and it has integrated Bluetooth 3.0, yet when I use my Plantronics Backbeat 903+ Bluetooth headphones with the integrated adapter I also get terribly inconsistent sound with many complete dropouts. I also have a USB Bluetooth 2.1 dongle, and when I connect it and use the dongle instead of my integrated adapter my audio is perfect. I really don't know what the problem is, whether it is my internal adapter being shitty, or if it is just Ubuntu's lack of Bluetooth 3.0 support. Beyond this is the fact that my headphones are working using Bluetooth 2.1, so it could also just be the inability of my internal 3.0 adapter to work well through backwards-compatibility as 2.1. I'm sorry this isn't really an answer, but it would be helpful to know if you are currently using a 3.0 dongle or not.

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