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I would like to install Xubuntu. I have a 2 Gb USB stick and it works fine every time I try Xubuntu in live mode.
My plan is to install it on an SD card with 32 Gb capacity.

I do not want to do partitioning on my current hard disk, I am not the only user of the computer. We have no external or portable hard disk.

I will try Xubuntu in live mode and install it on the SD card without modifying any portion of the current hard disk (now with Windows 7).

Will my plan work? I do not know if it will affect any content on our Windows 7 or any portion of the boot manager.

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That is not a very good idea.. Once you install any version of Ubuntu or Xubuntu, it creates and manages the GRUB loader, which stores all the information about the booting point of both Windows and your current distro. If anything should go wrong, you might have to repair Windows for recovering the bootloader for Windows.

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