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I've installed Ubuntu 11 64-bit to a 2 TB drive. It is on /dev/sda - port 1 of SATA Host Adaptor. This contains /dev/sda1 (1 MB boot), /dev/sda2 (2TB EXT4), /dev/sda3 8.6GB SWAP.

I also have:

  • /dev/sdb 2TB RAID COMPONENT
  • /dev/sdc 2TB RAID COMPONENT

which also show as

  • /dev/dm-0 not partitioned
  • /dev/dm-2 not partitioned which is mounted as /media/RAID_HOME

I'm completely stumped as to how to use this version of Ubuntu to make these drives seem as just one raid mirrored drive and then how to transfer /home onto it.

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When you install, choose manual partitioning, select the raid array, and set it to be mounted at /home.

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