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Well I'm trying to install Ubuntu 12.04.4 on an Acer 5349 laptop every time I plug in my live USB flash drive and boot to Ubuntu I get this message on a black screen saying

syslinux 4.07 edd 2013-07-25 copyright (c) 1994-2013 h. Peter anvin et al

also I'm not in Ubuntu it's when you turn on the computer and boot to live USB and it does not pass that message and I'm trying to replace windows 7 home with Ubuntu 12.04.4 my friend given his old laptop to me so any help will be great oh forgot to say his windows 7 not working it boots to recovery and crashes to a error code so that's why I'm try to put Ubuntu on.

What can I do to fox this?

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The Live image on your USB pendrive is NOT proper somehow. It's a first recommendation to do a USB Live from Ubuntu Using Startup Disk Creator. Yon will need to feed it with ubuntu.iso image file. Be sure that md5sum checksum matches to the original one.

For the guidance please read this and this

As an alternative way you can create Live USB by UNetbootin The idea the same, but it works on everything: Linux, Windows, Mac.

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