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I'm trying to use the manual provider to setup a juju environment on a remote server; when I try juju bootstrap I get:

ERROR initialising SSH storage failed: failed to create storage dir: subprocess encountered error code 255 (Permission denied (publickey).)

I've generated my config per the docs for manual provider ( and I have ssh access on the machine in question (e.g. the private key I have is valid).

I have no idea what's blocking here; I get the same message running bootstrap verbosely.

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Enter the SSH config file:

# contents of $HOME/.ssh/config
Host juju-bootstrap
    HostName # assuming that public ip address of the bootstrap-host is
    User uname # assuming that defined bootstrap-user is uname
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/yourprivateky

When using ssh Juju will honor the defined configuration and connect without a problem.

In addition you would need to add entry to /etc/hosts to enable Juju to communicate over http(s)   juju-bootstrap
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