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I know this package can update minor version, say 12. 04. 02 to 12. 04. 04 and even bigger jobs. But does it also do Major version jumps - say version 12 to 13 or 14? Without any human interaction.

Thinking about making a private mirror and when I put version 14 (tahr) in the mirror the unattended-upgrades package should update all the slaves to 14 automagically.

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First of all, the point release are relevant only for fresh system installation proposes, there's no way to know "which point release" you are because the package manager isn't just aware of it.

Secondly, no, unattended-upgrades doesn't modify the repositories, so as long as you leave trusty or whatever the codename of the version of Ubuntu is, it will only upgrade to those packages that are available, using the equivalent of apt-get upgrade, ignoring those package that mustn't upgrade automatically.

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