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I want to monitor web camera on Ubuntu to my android. What application can I use? I like iCam but it works ony on windows. Thanks in advance!

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You can install Zoneminder on your Ubuntu desktop from the Ubuntu repository. Follow the Zoneminder instructions to connect any type of camera (USB, IP, CCTV).

On your Android mobile, download camera monitoring software such as "tinyCam Monitor FREE" or "IP Cam Viewer". Both work well with Zoneminder.

You will likely need to open a port on your router to allow a connection to your desktop from outside. Additionally, you may prefer to use a Dynamic DNS provider such as DynDNS so that you don't need to keep changing your IP address configuration.

All of the above can be done using free software and services.

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Maybe it is a little bit difficult to set up but it's the only one I know :P


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IpWebcam is an application for Android that lets you access the device camera on your desktop. You can view it on your browser. I don't know if is this that you are looking for, but I hope it helps.

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