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I installed ubuntu following the steps in the linked question below except I used a live CD rather than a USB drive:

stuck in grub rescue mode after installing ubuntu alongside Windows 8

Now I am trying to follow the steps in the answer. I burned a CD of rEFInd as in step 1 but I cannot enter the firmware setup tool. How do I go about "setting a jumper to clear the NVRAM or temporarily unplugging the hard disk"?

To be clear: I have tried the answer that is all over askubuntu to

  1. set prefix and root to the linux partition (I verified this with "ls")
  2. run insmod

I get a file not found message for both linux.mod and normal.mod

Also, rebooting with the live CD in the drive does nothing. Rebooting with a windows USB recovery drive also does nothing.

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Update: I figured out how to enter the bios using a physical button on the side of the machine. Then I moved windows up to the first slot in the boot order. This allowed me to run the live cd. Then I booted from live cd and ran boot-repair. Now I can boot in both linux and windows under grub but not from the windows boot loader.

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