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I have been trying to get my BlackGold 3620 DVB-T2 PCIe Tv tuner to work in Ubuntu. I have downloaded the open source driver provided by BlackGold here http://shop.blackgold.tv/Support/Current-Drivers.

I have tried to follow the "Build Instructions.pdf" provided in the Documentation but have so far been unable to get it working. Here are a few of the issues I've come across:

  1. When configuring the kernel options in "make menuconfig" I am unable to select the "m" option, and can only select or deselect items ("y" or "n"). So I can't recreate the menuconfig in the documentation.

  2. When doing "sudo make" on the Makefile in "bgt-linux-pcie-drv/v4l" it throws an error saying it can't find /lib/modules/3.3.0-30-generic. This makes no sense to me as the documentation states the driver was tested with kernel 3.9.3 and I am running 3.13.0-30-generic. So why would it be asking for 3.3.0-30-generic? To get around this I simply made a symbolic link to my current kernel directory with the name "3.3.0-30-generic". I am then able to run "sudo make" without issue.

  3. This generates a module called "dvb-pll.ko". However, after doing a lot of reading online, particularly on linuxtv.org, I think I am supposed to have a dvb-pll.ko and dvb-core.ko module, among others. I have tried to load the "dvb-pll.ko" module but it doesn't seem to do anything.

  4. The documentation is then quite vague about what to do with the ../v4l/firmware/ directory. I took it as I need to copy all files and directories within firmware to "/lib/firmware", except Makefile (as I didn't want to overwrite the one already in /lib/firmware) and overwrite/merge all files and directories.

  5. If I then do a "sudo make install" in "../v4l/" the "dvb-pll.ko" module is loaded. However, as stated above I should have more modules loaded as referenced in the "BGT3620-Validation.pdf" document and here: "http://www.brumster.com/articles.php?article_id=7".

Throughout this whole process I have not had any dvb devices appears in "/dev" and have no "/dev/dvb/" directory.

I know I must be doing something wrong. I am not very familiar with linux drivers. My BlackGold 3620 PCI-e DVB-T2 TV Tuner card works fine in Windows. Having it work in Linux would mean I could ditch Windows for good on my Media PC.

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Have you tried the Driver Manager? It might let you skip the whole problem. –  Wutaz Jul 6 '14 at 15:04
Unfortunately not. I have tried the "Additional Drivers" window but it only shows optional graphics card drivers. –  mickyman550 Jul 9 '14 at 20:01

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