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I have a file with the name First.txt, which I opened that by vim. Now I want to go another file which its name is Second.txt .

  1. How to open Second.txt while I do not close First.txt.

  2. How to switch between them First.txt and Second.txt on the vim?

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You can open a different file in vim with the :o command, like so:

:o /file/To/Open  

This closes your current file and opens /file/To/Open.

As of vim 7.0 you can use the tabs feature to open multiple files at once. Use vim's :tabnew command to open a new tab:

:tabnew [filename]  

Where [filename] is an optional file to open in the new tab.

To switch between tabs use any of the following commands:

  • :tabn - switches to the next tab.

  • :tabp - switches to the previous tab.

  • gt - toggles through all tabs, from left to right.

  • gT - similar to gt but in opposite direction.

  • :tabfirst - switches to the first tab.

  • :tablast - switches to the last tab.

You can also pass multiple files to vim and have it open them in different tabs like so:

vim -p file1 file2 etc  

For more tab related info see Vim tips: using tabs on

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or just :tabe [filename] instead of :tabnew [filename] – vusan Jul 22 '15 at 11:03

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