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I'm still wondering which distro to use. So far I've tried Linux Mint 17 and I liked that, but now I'm onto Xubuntu.

In Mint (with Cinnamon) there was a really nifty (and popular) panel item called:

Window List with App Grouping

Window List with App Grouping

It sort of resembles the MS Windows 7 taskbar ( as I left that for Linux :) ), which makes my taskbar less cluttering when I have ±1000 things opened.

The main things I like about it:

  • Grouping windows
  • Middle-mouse-button opens new window/instance of program
  • Mouse-over shows windows

Is there anything for Xfce that does the same?

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I know this is old, but check out DockBarX, which is available for Xfce. Here's some more details:

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Hi, and welcome to Askubuntu! Thanks for you answer, but can you please include the information in your answer, instead of linking to a post. This is to make sure the information stays available on Askubuntu, even if the website you link to would be down. Thanks! – Galgalesh Feb 16 '15 at 20:59
Thanks, perfect! – Richard-dW Apr 28 '15 at 5:18

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