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I want to get information on what are different methods to install softwares/applications in Ubuntu (14.04)?

Example like :

  • Install by apt-get
  • Install from package-source or build-dependencies
  • Compile from source
  • Using binary package
  • Install downloaded debs by dpkg

etc from my knowledge but Give right & appropriate different methods.

So, It can be knowledge base for new users to aware from different method and when to use which?

I am talking about different command-line methods rather than GUI or software-center because of knowledge-base and .

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You can install downloaded deb's through Ubuntu Software Center\Muon\etc. Almost always by double clicking in file manager, or

xdg-open <file>

You can build it from source with make and then, instead installing, use checkinstall to compile distribution package (deb\rpm\etc).

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Installing packages through apt-get,

 sudo apt-get install <package>

Installing packages through aptitude,

sudo aptitude install <package>

To install a .deb package through dpkg,

sudo dpkg -i file-name.deb

To install .deb packages through gdebi,

sudo gdebi file-name.deb

Installing packages through apt

sudo apt install <package>
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