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How can I open a dialog box as below from a terminal?

enter image description here

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Install the X11 keyboard/mouse input simulator xdotool and run xdotool key Alt+F2.

You can add this alias to your ~/.bashrc file to make typing easier:

alias rd="xdotool key Alt+F2"

Now all you need to do is type rd.

Hacky, but works.

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Two options:

  1. Install gmrun from software center with sudo apt-get install gmrun then use command gmrun from the terminal
  2. Compile gnome-run from source and use gnome-run from the terminal. Instructions here:

Unfortunately this is harder than it should be.

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I found another way to do it:

  1. Install xautomation Install xautomation package
  2. Run this command: xte 'keydown Alt_L' 'key F2' 'keyup Alt_L'

Thanks htorque for the hint "keyboard/mouse input"

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