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Possible Duplicate:
Workspace specific wallpapers with Compiz?

Am running 10.10 and want to have a clean workspace, but also one that might be cluttered (e.g lots of launchers, documents, etc...)... is there a way to do this (am running Compiz)

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I don't think there is any way to have different desktops on different workspaces for a simple reason: there is only one folder ~/Desktop (and no other structure of desktops is currently implemented).

P.S. Even having 4 different backgrounds requires some limitations: you won't be able to see any launchers on the desktop (I currently have this configuration, but I do not use desktop launchers anyway).

There is a standard way of doing this (I guess you know that, but just in case):

  • Make sure you have compiz-fusion-plugins-extra and ccsm (CompizConfig) installed
  • In CompizConfig find plugin Wallpaper, select wallpapers and check the plugin itself (enable it)
  • In the Configuration Editor (gconf-editor) uncheck apps>nautlius>preferences>show desktop

This works for both Compiz Cube and Desktop Wall but in both cases you won't see anything besides different wallpapers (no icons, no launchers, no documents etc.)

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I don't see Wallpaper plugin in my CompizConfig so I found a different program that did the trick

Download Wallpapouz

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This is why I said make sure you have compiz-plugins-extra installed! – Vadim Dec 9 '11 at 12:22

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